Associate Schools

ALS is the Banyan Tree organisation under the bower of which many Institutions are being deep-rooted to provide quality education. Under its able guidance and Professional Management, more than 4000 Students undertake their education journey across Ahmedabad, every year.

Its portfolio includes preschools to full-fledged K-12 schools, offering State / Central Board, vernacular language schools and high-end International Schools. ALS prides itself with…

Along with Shivashish school, Amara Learning Spaces [ALS], our parent organization, has under its aegis, many educational institutions and given below is a brief introduction of each of them: 

Shiv Ashish Juniors: Here, the talents and abilities of each student is identified and nurtured with great care. We create an environment of happiness and love. So our cute little tots get unobstructed self-expression. Team SAJ cares for the noblest profession, so they are co-learners and not instructors.

Gems Genesis International School: It is a new age, digitally advanced K-12 school offering CIE and CBSE as education boards. With a huge green campus of 8 acres and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, it offers ample open space for students to express and experience their childhood.

Genius Gems: We believe in ‘learning through play’ that enables our children to grow in confidence and thrive in a learning environment. Genius Gems is committed to developing strong links with the local community helpers to create smooth interactions and enhance relationships.

Wallaroos Tot Atelier:  It is a sanctuary to save the children. Unlike the carbide-induced approach of fast growth, our organic methods lend time and space to the young ones. This develops their senses and allows for self-initiated exploration and movement with enormous opportunities to connect with nature.

Tot Tutelage: The needs of the students, parents, and schools are changing. Teacher as the custodian of knowledge is not a format that works anymore. As society shifts to a more democratic way of learning, the teacher needs to realign his/her role. Tot Tutelage provides that environment by gaining a deep understanding of how children learn, and how teachers can influence their learning. Besides the in-house trainers, Tot Tutelage also invites expert faculty on board for various topics like image development, planning and assessment, child psychology, literacy and phonetics, storytelling and various methods of early childhood learning.