Lemon and spoon competition – Std I & II

“True enjoyment comes from activity of mind and exercise of the body, the two are ever united”
Lemon and spoon competition was held for the tiny tots of Std. 1 & 2 on 21st August, 2014. The children came out with lot of enthusiasm and walked on the tracks allotted to them by balancing the lemon on the spoon. It was great to see them hold the lemon in spoon and walk with their hands folded back.

Sing in your mother tongue – Std III , IV , V

“This universe can very well be expressed in words and syllables which are those of one’s mother tongue”
A competition was held for the students of Std 3 to 5 to sing in their mother tongue and to foster national integration. It was started by few teachers who sang in their respective mother tongue. Later on the children presented their songs in different languages of India and were judged by the judges.

Science exhibition – Std VIII

The students of Std VIII exhibited their models of MODERN AGRICULTURE as a part of the project. The students made various models depicting various methods and techniques of modern agriculture like terrace farming, green house effect and different techniques of drip irrigation in agriculture etc. They were kept in exhibition for the students of Primary Section who were inspired and gain knowledge of the same.

Activities are scheduled periodically to promote the all round development and build competencies in our students.