Blue Day (12.10.12)

Blue Day (12.10.12)

Today’s article is on the colour BLUE.

Every one on that day wore blue colour clothes. Both   boys and girls enjoyed wearing this colour as this is the least “gender specific” colour, having equal appeal to both .

 To teach the children  colors  in a boring way of using color squares over and over  again we took  an interesting   way for Sr.Kg  by  using  different items of blue colour  in a try and  each child was asked to pick any one item and then one line  was told about it like A Tooth brush  -we brush our teeth with it , a toy-we play with it .The memory game was played later on by covering all the articles and each child tried to answer as many things as he/she could memorize .This was to check their observation as well as their memory.

Jr. KG. kids were given Blue balloons which first they tried to blow but later they were helped to do so .The teachers decorated the class with the blown up balloons .Some even enjoyed to play with it. They were even taught a Rhyme on colour BLUE.


A sailor went to sea, sea, sea
to see what he could see, see, see
Well all that he could see, see, see
Was- lots of fishes in the blue sea, sea, sea and   lots of boats sailing on the deep blue sea, sea, sea.