Guru Purnima Celebration

Kailash Kannoujiya

Guru Purnima Celebration


गुरौ न प्राप्यते यत्तन्नान्यत्रापि हि लभ्यते । गुरुप्रसादात सर्वं तु प्राप्नोत्येव न संशयः॥
Whatever is not obtained from the Guru, cannot be obtained from elsewhere. With the grace of the Guru, one indeed gets everything. The Guru is the dispeller of darkness.

This darkness refers to the darkness of ignorance. Not only does the Guru enlightens his or her disciples, but it also guides them in making important life decisions. To honor the teachers, a function was organized in the school on the occasion of Guru Purnima on 13th July with intense zeal and zest.

The initiative for the arrangement of the function was taken by the teachers of our school The function began with a happy note of the Guru Stuti followed by a beautiful speech that highlighted the necessity of teachers. In the program, there were songs and dances performed by the students dedicated to the teachers.

A beautiful skit based on the life of Eklavya was presented by the students highlighting the Guru’s role in shaping the students’ life. We were honored to have an encouraging speech by respected principal Namrata Sheth, about the importance of Guru in one’s life. The program was ended with a Vote of thanks by Principal Ma’am. The function was concluded with gaiety all around