Inservice training programme for teachers on MIND POWER

Inservice training programme for teachers on MIND POWER

11th August’14

Session for Teacher Members on “ MIND POWER”

“ What our mind conceive and believe , it can achieve”

A session was conducted by Dr. Sonali Naik M D Gynecology , on the topic ‘MIND POWER’ for the teachers , on 9th of August, 2014.
Dr. Naik emphasised on the Divine Power of subconscious mind which keeps working all 24/7 and the miracle of its experience. She started with a ‘Memory Demo’ where she could recollect the words in a given grid of 30 along with numbers within a few seconds. Teachers were awestruck with the demonstration of Mind Power by Dr. Sonali Nayak.
Later on Dr. Naik spoke about the states of mind and the importance of Alpha State where the subconscious mind is more active through the technique of ‘Relaxation’. During this stage, visualization can be carried on and she advised the teachers to visualize the goals to be achieved which leads to reality sooner or later. The teachers were asked to visualize their goals and could feel the vibrations within them. The session ended with illustrations from Dr. Naik’s life and also a scene from the movie of Iqbal , where Iqbal is able to make his dream come true by consistently visualizing and believing in achieving his dream of becoming a successful cricketer.

A spontaneous group discussion amongst the teachers on the same topic after the session ended too , illustrated the excitement in teachers on the subject !
Think positive – be positive – believe in ourselves – there’s nothing impossible