Learning joyfully the life skills ………

Learning joyfully the life skills ………

21st June’14
Learning joyfully the life skills ………
Education is deeply transformational – Education not just sows seeds ,it helps seeds to grow. Saturday – a special day for SAS students of Primary section. They explore, enjoy, experiment and learn.
Std I to IV . Std I enjoyed a session on ‘Cleanliness ( home , school , class room) and personal hygiene’.The session comprised of an audio visual presentation , demonstration of proper habits by teachers enacting and briefing interactively. Parents have been requested to interact with their wards and ensure their kids adhere to these. Std II went for Vegetable Printing , Std III – Different shapes using Match sticks and Std IV – draw flowers and decorating them with cereals and pulses.
Std V – VIII , students were grouped in to clubs and enjoyed activities assigned for their respective clubs.
Eco and Cultural club
Art work
1. Photo frame using ice cream sticks
2. Flower pot using woolen thread

Maths & science club
Analysis of Science concepts
Magnetic properties,
Electricity- conduction & insulation

Sports Club
Introduction of YOGA

Literature and G K Club
Making word chain –warm up game to improve vocabulary
Reading – Focus on articulation skill

Student’s experience and suggestions from parents on Saturday activities welcome !!!