The House System

The students of the school are allotted one of the four houses i.e, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz. The House system is an integral part of Shiv Ashish school and it helps to co ordinate various activities. Each house is placed under a House Master who is directly responsible for the discipline and the general well being of the members of the House. Regular inter house competitions are held through out the year in various co curricular and co scholastic activities which foster healthy competitive spirit The Houses vie with one another to keep the house flag aloft and win the coveted Cock – House Trophy





The Students council System

The student council forms the backbone of Shiv Ahsish school .The initiative and capabilities of individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are selected to the council .The students affairs are managed by this council headed by council Chairman /Head boy or Head girl . Student council is encouraged to manage their affairs independently ,though under the guidance of the staff members. The school council chairman/head boy or head girl serve as a link between the school authorities and the student community .The house captain serves as a link between students and the House Master.