Our Principal

Dear Parents and Children –Let’s work symbiotically, let’s hold hands stronger than before ……!!!

Another year has passed, and deeming you significant in our journey so far, I welcome all of you, with a very warm heart, to yet another year of dedication, love, inspiration and fruits – I welcome all of you to the upcoming academic year 2015-2016.

Since its inception in 2012, the SAS- CBSE, has outdone itself one year after the other. Whether a test of their brain or brawn, the students have participated with equal fervour, and excelled in them. The Dell Champs winning, our students qualifying on the CNBC National telecast (Business Quiz), laurels at the KhelMahaKumbh sports events &varied city level programmes to mention a few! The introduction & extension of TATA class edge smart boards, Imperial sports academy for skill based physical Education coaching, and the Music sessions have added purpose to the curriculum. Certainly lot of exciting additions in store for the new session!!!!

Shiv Ashish School-CBSE now enters its fourth year. Our school introduced grades X and XI science in the previous academic year and this year we will have our first batch of grade XII science appearing for their board exams.

It is nothing but your article of faith on us, our loyalty towards your faith, and definitely the blessings of God the Almighty, that has brought us to where we are today.

As long as we -the parents and the school members don’t inspire children, what is taught is likely to go unheard. Hence we need to work more symbiotically. The seeds that we sow should bear fruit as the children grow up. The more the children succeed, the more we strengthen. And this is the success we are in pursuit of.

“Teamwork makes the dreams work”

This year, let us hold our hands yet stronger than before, with yet higher hopes, and even more faith in one another, and show – to ourselves what harmony can bring about!

Warm regards & best wishes,