The Rubik’s cube competition 2022-23

Kailash Kannoujiya

The Rubik’s cube competition 2022-23

“If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them”.

In honor of Erno Rubik’s birthday, 13th July is celebrated as International Puzzle Day. Rubik, a Hungarian architect and professor, is best known for creating the Rubik Cube in the mid 1970s.

On the account of International Puzzle Day, Shiv Ashish School GSEB  organized “The Rubik’s Cube Competition 2022-23” for the students of Grade IX and X. Many students participated enthusiastically in this competition which was categorized in two levels: 1st Layer and Full cube.

Speedcubing is the sport of solving a classic Rubik’s Cube — or a related combination puzzle — in the shortest amount of time possible.

Students who have solved in the shortest amount of time were declared the winners of the Rubik’s Cube Competition 2022-23.

It was a fun day for all the students.